Christchurch Carrickfergus




Powerhouse Prayer: Sunday 10.30am

Family & Communion Service: Sunday 11.00am

(Communion at 6.30pm third Sunday in each Month)

Powerhouse Prayer Sunday 6.00pm

Sunday Night Gospel Service: Sunday 6.30pm

(Cafe Church first Sunday in Month)

Mid Week Service: Wednesday 7.45pm

Missionary Day: First Sunday in each month

Features of our services

We endeavour to make our services friendly and warm as visitors are welcomed to the church.

The happy singing of the hymns from the Redemption Hymnal and the singing of choruses are enjoyed by the congregation accompanied by the organ, piano, guitars, banjos and, where appropriate, the tambourines, bongo drums, maracas and cymbals.

The services are built around the Word of God and solid challenging Biblical preaching. It is the earnest desire of this congregation that this Hilltop Pentecostal Church will be a place of refreshing for the weary traveller along life's way.